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Pregnant and Natural - Wash Five

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I must say, this weekly (ahem) washing thing is getting easier and easier.

I'd been avoiding washing it, again, but for a better reason: it's cold! It's in the 60's! Daily I walk around fully clothed (which implies...nothing :)), soaks and all. At times without the ceiling fan, under a comforter. I'm cold! And it doesn't help a cold has been trying to attack my body for over a week. At one point I was sneezing blood, but no weapon formed against me shall prosper!

So yes. Daily I say I'm going to co-wash, but when the air hits me, my mind is quickly changed. So...I left it alone until now.

I loosened my hair and let it free for the day yesterday. It was gorgeous. I miss that! Soft, moisturized, big hair. And boy was it big!

Now I planned on washing it Sunday as well but life happens. I was tired. I have other family members and children who forget to iron their clothes for the week. Oh and I forgot to mention I have a daughter who loves to have her hair braided in anything but plain styles. So my evening was spent braiding hair. What's a mom to do. We often forsake ourselves for our family and, while I had a nice long nap after church, I gave them the rest of the time.

Monday's are normally my off days so before midday I hopped in the shower for 'wash day'. I think I like my combo, especially since I hadn't found any cheap, good moisturizing conditioner yet.

First wash: Shea Moisture JBCO.

This is really my main wash. I've always loved the qualities of JBCO. I mean, it does such wonders for your scalp, if nothing else, but having the ACV as well gives me some extra clarifying and follicle closure as the poo runs down my length as I rinse. I did not let the hair wash all parts of my scalp so when I jumped out of the shower to do a mirror check, I found washed away dandruff in my parts. Shrug. At least it's not on my scalp and I washed that away on the next wash.

Second wash: Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine.

The second wash takes no time whatsoever. It's really a quick rinse. I like to use this shampoo last right now because the JBCO shampoo does a wonderful job of clarifying and sometimes leave my hair feeling 'too clean'. Using this makes my hair soft and shiny. It's almost like a conditioner.

As I mentioned, still no container so I went back to my As I Am moisturizer as the conditioner. I finished this bottle during this wash. So I basically got three or so uses out of the bottle. Not good! I also used it once on my daughter's hair during the week. And no spray nozzle! Lol

But it was gone...but I loved it. I liked it better as a midweek moisturizer but oh well. I really need to get more conditioner. I've looked but the moisturizing ones I've found on island so far have coconut oil in it. I'll keep looking.

Anyhow, after showering, I hopped out to finish my hair. I didn't do much. I applied the Shea Moisture JBCO leave in and plaited each side. I ended up with two long, neat plaits on the side that dripped with water. I wrapped each side around my head and pinned them to the from.

Voilà! I was done! Mission accomplished in right over an hour!

I'm not having much shedding but I can't tell if that's just normal pregnancy stuff or better care. I did notice less shedding before my frequent washes...but again, that could be normal 'health hair and nails due to pregnancy' or the fact I stopped using coconut oil (I really miss it though!).

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