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Pregnant and Natural - Wash Five

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I must say, this weekly (ahem) washing thing is getting easier and easier. I'd been avoiding washing it, again, but for a better reason: it's cold! It's in the 60's! Daily I walk around fully clothed (which implies...nothing :)), soaks and all. At times without the ceiling fan, under a comforter. I'm cold! And it doesn't help a cold has been trying to attack my body for over a week. At one point I was sneezing blood, but no weapon formed against me shall prosper!
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Pregnant and Natural - Wash Four

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I have been trying to wash my hair since Friday! *shame face* My daughter obliged me Friday evening by taking down my twists for me (she loves playing in my hair and I rarely let her). I had shiny, well moisture loose hair. She even replied that I could definitely wear my hair like that out of the house. I pulled it into a lose pony towards the back of my head and it stayed like this until Sunday. So Sunday afternoon comes around and I decided to force myself to wash my hair. My scalp had got...
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Pregnant and Natural - Wash Three

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By Wednesday my edges were super dry and beginning to flake and itch. Plus I wore my twists loosened yesterday for a meeting and simply pineappled to sleep. It was time to re-twist, so I took some As I Am So Much Moisture Hydrating Lotion and put that on each twist. I also apply some director to the roots because I found that it was drier there then on the ends. I made sure my edges where moisturized as well and split each twist for double the twists. The twists were shiny and super soft!
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Pregnant and Natural - Wash Two

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My scalp was itching so very badly I had no choice but to co-wash and what a relief. At first I thought it was the new products I was using. My neck was itching. My fave, my back, my legs...even some unmentionable places. I started my wash day on my sink and finished in the shower so naturally I would itch all over. And, boy, was I ever. But, then again, I recall my scalp and face had been itching the entire pregnancy and I just thought it was changes due to this little one. So I began to ...
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Pregnant and Natural

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I am currently five months pregnant. I maintain a home, a business, a husband, and our three children. I volunteer and minister as well...and I'm natural. Pregnant...with all of this...and natural. I found myself recently washing my hair for almost five weeks. What I mean is, for five weeks, I've told myself to wash my hair and it never got done (emoticon: see-no-evil monkey). Before you think I'm nasty and living with a birds nest or loc'ed, my hair was once butt crack ...
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